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The results are in!

The Best Dental Websites of 2022 have been announced.

Best Dental Websites of 2022

A vote was held by dental marketing professionals to select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • Modern Design Elements Functionality & Responsiveness (including mobile view)
  • Clean Coding Without Builders Utilized
  • SEO Ranking Ability
  • Informative Content
  • ADA Compliance
  • Load Speed

Kierland Dental Studio

With its modern design and clean layout, this website feels extremely personable. Mobile optimization and custom web design photography will impress visitors and provide them with easy-to-use navigation. The website is user-friendly and SEO-optimized to highlight their uniqueness. It offers a convenient navigation menu that allows visitors to quickly locate doctor and team biographies, services, patient information, and informative content. Cleanly coded without builders, the site is extremely functional and can be accessed from any device with ease. This site ranks highly in search engines thanks to its excellent performance and technical SEO features.

Geha Family Dental

With its modern, bright, and friendly design, this website will immediately make you feel at home. The practice's bright and minimalistic design emphasizes its local, community-oriented style and family-oriented approach. It provides patient testimonials to build trust, and it is easy to navigate for answers to common oral health questions. Additionally, every page on the site has been carefully optimized for organic search results. Whenever someone searches on Google for a dentist near them, this website increases their chances of showing up first.

Ross Bridge Dentistry

This dental practice strives to provide high-quality, personalized care in a warm, friendly environment. The use of professional images in conjunction with a calming green color palette has the immediate effect of portraying an approachable yet authoritative practice. The website is powerfully optimized for search engines, has lightning-fast page loading times, allows online appointments, has an embedded Google map, shows affiliations and certifications, and is keyword-optimized. In addition, every page on the website is designed to lead visitors to take a specific action, whether that is learning more about the practice, learning about new patient policies, or requesting an appointment. Throughout the website, the practice emphasizes its local, neighborly style as well as its family-friendly approach.

Jolly & Morton Advanced Dentistry

With its modern, clean, and welcoming design, visitors are sure to feel that they will receive the highest quality care possible. There is a clear navigation path at the top of the screen, as well as prominently displayed social media networks, phone numbers, and addresses. A simple, elegant, yet impactful web design does not distract the user from the content. Users can easily navigate the website to learn more about the services, procedures, and financial options available. Informational links provide users with the opportunity to discover more about the doctors, the new patient experience, or view the smile gallery. It provides easy access to informational content that keeps visitors informed of available procedures and treatment options. It is SEO-optimized and offers exceptional functionality. This site's design makes no mistakes and is sure to inspire visitors to make an appointment.

Gregory Moffitt DDS

A clean, clutter-free, modern design will make you feel comfortable and welcome right away. The site offers a calm, serene design that is complemented by a picturesque beach scene that is both inviting and restful. It has an intuitive navigation system and has enhanced loading speeds so that visitors are able to find the information they need with ease. As part of the design, the icons have a hover effect that enhances their unique and innovative appearance. Keywords are heavily utilized in the content to ensure they are reaching their target audience effectively and have high search engine results. In addition, the site is ADA-compliant and is cleanly coded without requiring builders. Multiple blogs are incorporated into the site, which ensures that the content is kept fresh and current for visitors. The site is very responsive and mobile-friendly, so visitors can access it from any device with ease. Having covered every detail on this website, they are certain to enjoy much success.

Cliffside Family Dentistry

A sense of warmth, elegance, and comfort. These are all things you may immediately sense upon landing on Cliffside Family Dentistry's website. With interactive video content, relevant oral health care information, and customized images, attention to detail is evident throughout. It features an intuitive design with eye-catching icons that highlight specialty services, as well as clear calls-to-action encouraging patients to schedule appointments and download new patient forms, including an option to make payments online. It provides viewers with a first-hand look at the office through high-quality professional photographs and video, as well as an office tour that highlights the unique office decor and the comfortable setting patients can enjoy. Moreover, the site has an exceptional load speed and is designed with SEO in mind in order to ensure a very high ranking and easy access to the site's information.

You’re Welcome Dental

With its modern and charismatic design, this site was developed to offer patients easy access to relevant oral health information while also being optimized for search engines. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, the website is accessible from any device. The site provides patients with access to fresh, quality content that lets them view the latest products, technologies, and treatments available. It is cleanly coded, without builders, and has been built in compliance with all ADA guidelines. The site provides a user-friendly layout that allows patients to easily schedule appointments with the push of a button and integrates with communication, scheduling tools, and off-site reviews. The innovative design and user-friendly features make this website certain to attract patients and deliver excellent ranking results.

Welcome to Allenton Family Dentistry

TOWN Dentist

Dr. NAME, TOWN dentist, is committed to providing you with excellent dentistry in a comfortable environment. You deserve a skilled, experienced dental team that can help you ensure great oral health. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. We welcome new patients of all ages.

Technology Driven Care

TOWN Dentist

We believe that no expense should be spared for top-notch patient care. At PRACTICE NAME, we’ve invested in new technology to keep our office at the forefront of oral health care. Some of the cutting edge technologies we have at our facility include digital x-rays and an intra-oral camera. Check out our Technology page for more information.

New Patient Specials

TOWN Dentist







Education and Experience Serving You

TOWN Dentist

Dentistry is always changing with new procedures, techniques, and technology. We believe that no professional should ever stop learning, and we’re always investing time in keeping our staff up to date on their education. PRACTICE NAME is dedicated to having the most-qualified people looking after your oral health. Contact our office for an appointment today.

Ensuring Affordable Care

TOWN Dentist

Everyone deserves top-quality dental care no matter what their financial situation is. That’s why we’re not afraid to get creative with financial solutions. Our office accepts most major dental plans, and we know how to get the most out of every kind of coverage. If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer flexible payment options to get you the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Contact us for more information.

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TOWN Dentist

Best Dental Websites